Weigh in friday

Well, in the last month, I’ve officially lost 15 lbs! What a great start to where I’m heading 😁

As it says, it’s a little over 5% which is half of my first goal! Wouldn’t it be awesome to hit that goal in another month?? Okay, realistically, I’ll probably stop losing 3ish pounds per week since I am shrinking but I’m gonna continue working hard and see where it takes me. 

I also only have two c25k workouts left, so I’m gonna start the 10K program next week. It’s funny that I was able to do the early workouts while still eating kinda crappy. I obviously worked out a little more often than expected inorder to complete it faster this time, but I still did some of the workouts in the weeks of recording choices that weren’t so good too. Ah well. Three pounds this week. I’ll take it 😉


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