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So, the last two weeks have shown some prett disappointing weight loss. Granted, one of those weeks I ran only once and the other week I ran twice, but I’ve been a little frustrated. Add in a holiday, traveling to see family for three days, and more work stress, and I’m feeling a little off track. I am still counting calories, but I haven’t seen the results I want. 

It’s affecting my hunger I think too, cuz I’ve been a little obsessive about food the last two days, which hadn’t been the case for over a month. 

I must need to crack down on my blogging and coping skills. I also need to figure out a new plan to get enough exercise despite work trying to suck the life from me. I still haven’t figured that out yet lol. 

Monday I squeezed in a run after work and before Jared left for work. It was short, but it counts for something. I just need more chances to get them in like that.. and take them! 


Thanksgiving and a couple of missed posts 

I may have missed my weigh in post for two weeks in a row lol. And this week was thanksgiving and I was out of town so I didn’t even take a picture. So this will have to do: 

I’ve logged food for 100 days now! And I’m down to 246.2. The last two weeks have not been impressive with weight loss or running because of the craze at work, but I’m still hanging in there and running when I can (about twice per week?) and calorie counting daily. 

In more exciting news, I did enjoy my farthest run yet; about 4.5 miles. I met this little fellow on the way. I was super sore for a couple of days afterward too, but that’s probably because I haven’t had any time to run during the week. I’m thinking of trying to get out of the house early to go to the gym on the way to work one of these days. Maybe… lol

Stress and self awareness 

Being a therapist is hard work. You spend all day immersing yourself in the concerns of others, some of whom don’t actually want your help, and then go home to your own problems. My life is good for the most part – I really have no issue with gratitude because I have beautiful babies, a great husband, and a strong family support system. 

Those are all things to remember when I’m stressed because like many people, I get negative when I feel backed into a corner. 

There are a lot of problems at work right now, mostly surrounding the need to get as many direct hours as possible while also doing the best therapy that you can. It gets tricky. Add into the mix the outrageous cost of childcare and my babysitter quitting and I’m in a lot of trouble.  

The most ideal solution would be to transfer my position to a different (also open) position within the same company. I’m already doing that type of therapy half time, so I’d like to see myself doing it as my only responsibilities at work, counting me as a part time employee. I’d get more time with my babies and not have to worry about childcare. 

It’d be a win-win except my boss doesn’t want anyone working part time. I guess if I understood why, I wouldn’t be so frustrated. But I am. Because I may be facing leaving my agency to do a job that I could do within my agency, just not as many hours as THEY want. It’s really exhausting. 

If they won’t let me do it, I have to quit if I can find a new job. If they don’t let me do it, I can’t see my current caseload through to the end. If they don’t let me do it, I don’t get to finish what I started. If they don’t let me do it, it doesn’t seem good for anyone in the situation. Now I just need to find a way to say that respectfully to my boss. 

Weigh in Friday. 

It’s been an odd week. I got in 3 decent runs, I hit under my calorie goal every day… and I lost 5 more pounds. 😳

I feel odd because it happened two weeks in a row. I was genuinely expecting a small loss, like a pound, or two at the most. 

So. I’m in the 240’s??!! It’s hilarious because instead of being totally excited, I’m kinda confused. I logged everythibg I ate and I didn’t deprive myself at all so I have no idea what the heck happened. I don’t actually want to lose that much weight at a time because I know that it’s healthiest to lose 2ish pounds per week, not twice that. 

I should be grateful and proud. I am. Just a little leery too. 

My last run I only had about a half hour to get it done before going back to work. As I was going I kept upping the speed to race the clock. When I realized I could probably do 2.5 miles and still have time to shower, I sped up more than I have in a while! It averages to about 14 minute miles, which doesn’t sound that great, but two minutes were warm up walking so it’s closer to 13 minute miles. To be able to do that for 2.5 miles is a big deal since I’d like to run a 5k in under 40 minutes at some point (yeah I know, what happened to clear goals?). If I can do it by the new year, I’d like to sign up for a race and actually test it out.  That may not be doable since the weather here sucks then, but it is nice to have some ideas. 

In other news, I’ve had more energy to love my babies, which is always a nice side effect to the weight loss / exercising. I feel good about myself so I also WANT to be more active and spend time with them. I need to remember that when I start to struggle again. 

Weigh in Friday 

The week of sickness led to a pretty number on the scale but I’m willing to bet it’ll even out next week since I didn’t eat much for a couple days. Water weight can be deceiving in both ways! 

The scale believes I lost 5 lbs. I do love the thought of being so close to the 240’s anddd my first goal (251 or 10%) but I need to not get my hopes up cuz this week is special lol. 

Sick and so tired

It’s been a week of cold viruses, pink eye, cluster feeding, and pure exhaustion. Somehow, tho, I managed three runs since my last weigh in, one of which was 3.26 miles on the treadmill! That’s my first official 5k+ recorded since I found out I was pregnant. Wow!

Sunday was a gorgeous day for running and Felix and I really took advantage of it! 

We also took advantage of my parents’ hot tub post run. 

The rest of the week I was sick and emotional and overworked. My eating was way out of whack because of the fever and sore throat but I did track everything… I just happened to skip a couple of meals. I don’t like doing that. I know that everything about it is wrong for long term weight loss. So the scale may say something odd this week and next week may be a bit more accurate. Buuut it’s about the journey I guess. I’m just glad to be on the mend. I haaaate having a fever. 😷