Sick and so tired

It’s been a week of cold viruses, pink eye, cluster feeding, and pure exhaustion. Somehow, tho, I managed three runs since my last weigh in, one of which was 3.26 miles on the treadmill! That’s my first official 5k+ recorded since I found out I was pregnant. Wow!

Sunday was a gorgeous day for running and Felix and I really took advantage of it! 

We also took advantage of my parents’ hot tub post run. 

The rest of the week I was sick and emotional and overworked. My eating was way out of whack because of the fever and sore throat but I did track everything… I just happened to skip a couple of meals. I don’t like doing that. I know that everything about it is wrong for long term weight loss. So the scale may say something odd this week and next week may be a bit more accurate. Buuut it’s about the journey I guess. I’m just glad to be on the mend. I haaaate having a fever. 😷


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