Stress and self awareness 

Being a therapist is hard work. You spend all day immersing yourself in the concerns of others, some of whom don’t actually want your help, and then go home to your own problems. My life is good for the most part – I really have no issue with gratitude because I have beautiful babies, a great husband, and a strong family support system. 

Those are all things to remember when I’m stressed because like many people, I get negative when I feel backed into a corner. 

There are a lot of problems at work right now, mostly surrounding the need to get as many direct hours as possible while also doing the best therapy that you can. It gets tricky. Add into the mix the outrageous cost of childcare and my babysitter quitting and I’m in a lot of trouble.  

The most ideal solution would be to transfer my position to a different (also open) position within the same company. I’m already doing that type of therapy half time, so I’d like to see myself doing it as my only responsibilities at work, counting me as a part time employee. I’d get more time with my babies and not have to worry about childcare. 

It’d be a win-win except my boss doesn’t want anyone working part time. I guess if I understood why, I wouldn’t be so frustrated. But I am. Because I may be facing leaving my agency to do a job that I could do within my agency, just not as many hours as THEY want. It’s really exhausting. 

If they won’t let me do it, I have to quit if I can find a new job. If they don’t let me do it, I can’t see my current caseload through to the end. If they don’t let me do it, I don’t get to finish what I started. If they don’t let me do it, it doesn’t seem good for anyone in the situation. Now I just need to find a way to say that respectfully to my boss. 


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