So, the last two weeks have shown some prett disappointing weight loss. Granted, one of those weeks I ran only once and the other week I ran twice, but I’ve been a little frustrated. Add in a holiday, traveling to see family for three days, and more work stress, and I’m feeling a little off track. I am still counting calories, but I haven’t seen the results I want. 

It’s affecting my hunger I think too, cuz I’ve been a little obsessive about food the last two days, which hadn’t been the case for over a month. 

I must need to crack down on my blogging and coping skills. I also need to figure out a new plan to get enough exercise despite work trying to suck the life from me. I still haven’t figured that out yet lol. 

Monday I squeezed in a run after work and before Jared left for work. It was short, but it counts for something. I just need more chances to get them in like that.. and take them! 


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