Weighing in and a free weekend 

My weigh in was acceptable Friday. I lost 1.6 more lbs and had my first sub-45 minute 5k. 

Although the fat percentage doesn’t seem to me moving consistently or quickly, it is nice to see my BMI dropping. That’s something I really like about my scale. 

This weekend we had my family’s Christmas party and celebration for felixs birthday which was super chaotic but super fun. I allowed myself to eat freely so I enjoyed some sweets including pumpkin pie, buckeyes, and a gingerbread cookie. I also stuffed my face with all of the turkey dinner fixings. 

The day before we went to a cookie exchange and ordered pizza for dinner so my eating was bad all weekend. I’m gonna pay the price this week but it was nice to eat like a normal person for a couple days. Let’s face it – I really don’t know how normal people eat so mostly I ate like my family and will have to work to get back on and stay back on the wagon. So far, I was able to do that today because we came home with extra turkey which is super low calorie and no sweets. Yay! 

Look at my handsome little snow bunny. 


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