2017 thoughts. 

Another year down, another effort to move toward a better me. Like I said in my last post, I’m checking in on last year’s goals, and I’m happy to say that I really did meet one of them. Most years, resolutions are just stupid things I think about in the beginning of the year and forget after January until just after Christmas. This year, that wasn’t the case. I had three goals: run 25 miles per month, end the year weighing less than I did at the beginning, and reach a weight below 200 lbs. The last one was impossible because I got pregnant even before the new year and had an unhealthy pregnancy. I didn’t meet the running goal for months 3-9 but I did for the rest. So, I completed about 1.5 of my goals (or half lol). 

This year I am going to reach a little higher. I definitely want to end the year weighing less than I do now, but because I have no plans of getting pregnant, Im changing the game a little. 

1. End the year weighing under 200lbs. The day I am under 200 will be a huge celebration!! I technically have the possibility of hitting my goal weight but I want to leave a window for setbacks and mistakes so I don’t completely give up. 

2. Run at least 30 miles per month. I’m doing 2.5-3.5 a couple days per week so that should average well with work stress and vacation.

3. Run 10k at least once. It doesn’t have to be a race, but to run over 6 miles would be monumental for me. 

4. Run a 5k in under 33 minutes. This goal requires ongoing running and speed work… AND actually registering for a race. My average pace now is like 13:30 so I’d need to get under 11:00. It sounds hard but if I keep losing weight and working out, I’ll succeed! 

5. Reduce debt. This isn’t running related but I definitely need to put more effort into this. Especially if I get a raise this year. 

6. Love on my dogs more. Having two under two and a full time job doesn’t allow much extra time but that doesn’t mean I can’t incorporate my dogs into more activities. Plus they make me happy and self care is good!

7. Obtain my LPC. I need to pass the NCE and finish my hours but… this is definitely doable if I keep working full time. 

I don’t want these to be resolutions that are forgotten in a month. I want to nail all of them! I’m gonna need a plan… breaking them into monthly things will make it more manageable and I will be able to see success at this time next year. Boom!


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