Calorie counting payoff

So I cut back to 1500 calories per day last week and the scale was very happy! More than that, I had some real celebrations:

I passed my NCE and am one step closer to becoming a LPC (and getting a sweet raise at work). 

I am officially down 50lbs since I started tracking after sebi was born! Actually 53, but it took this long and I’m so proud to hit this milestone!

I bought a pair of size 16 pants that actually fit!!! They were at old navy, which runs bigger than most places, but before I was too big for an 18 and could only wear stretchy pants. I’m now back to regular people pants, woo! 

I ran 4.6 miles again at a sub 14:00 pace (13:58 but it counts lol). Just running that far at any speed is awesome. 

I got several compliments at work about how good I look! I’m even getting better at saying “thanks” instead of avoiding admitting that I’m working at it. I think some of this is fear that I’ll just fall off again and go back to fatty old me who binges daily. And then balloon up over 50 lbs again. 

I just feel some peace knowing that I’m healthier every day and I feel good. Mind and body. It’s pretty cool. 


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