Switch up

I feel I am plateauing despite continuous loss so I’m trying to be proactive. 

I lost less than a pound this weeek despite running 13 miles and I think it’s because of my poor eating Friday-Sunday.  

So I’m going to start weighing in on Saturday’s so I don’t go overboard on Fridays. This will keep me from having high calorie days 3 days per week. I can’t just eat healthy half the time, it doesn’t give me the results that I want. I’m not really eating crappy the other days; I’ve been running more and allowing myself to eat more, but I need to cut back still. 

Weekends are hard because I’m much less busy and less structure always makes me munch more. Yesterday I did well, just like on Friday, so I’m going to cut myself some slack today since we’re going out with a bunch of extended family tonight, but I definitely don’t want to eat a ton and not work out. So, I’ll be getting a run in beforehand and then enjoy myself! This will be my one high calorie day this week. 


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