Monthly Archives: June 2017

Abs goal

So I’ve started my abs goal and am happily 3 days in with good consistency so far. 

So this is the one I’m officially following, but I’ve also added in some push ups and leg lifts… and tonight I also did the squats for this other program. 

I’m feeling pretty crappy about my stomach these days. I’ve always had a fat line at my waist, probably from wearing low rose pants for years, but it’s worse now. So, I’m gonna post a couple of embarrassing progress pics that I want to reference someday. 

Although I’m wearing a size L shirt and capris… I feel like shit because of this picture. Look at my disgusting belly. Ugh. 

This is what it looks like up close. Here’s to seeing if ab exercises really help. 

Ps. I also took some arm shots for future reference. Come on, push-ups!


Terrain run!

I completed the terrain run with my friend! 

It was Super fun! I did all of the obstacles with no hesitation until the last two, which were both basically variations of monkey bars and I’m just not strong enough for that. Oh well! I still did awesome (way better than my friend which was a confidence boost) and I’m glad I did it. 

I have some gnarly bruises from the walls I jumped but that’s the price you pay ha. 

I’m starting a new challenge. I want to be more toned in my arms and tummy so I’m gonna try my best to actually do abs and push ups with this challenge thing. I even took a before picture so I hope that in two months when we go to San Diego I’ll feel awesome. 

I was hoping for a better weigh in on Friday but I just didn’t get to run as much as I wanted so that’s what it was. It’s okay. A loss is a loss! 

Stress managementĀ 

Today I did a good job of channeling my anger into running. It wasn’t my fastest or longest or best run ever, but I felt stress and I came home and pounded it out on the pavement. 

I threw some pork chops in the oven on my way out and then ran farther than expected so I had to really pick up the pace to get home before they burned. It wasn’t that hot but the humidity is high so I really did a lot of sweating. It was just what the doctor ordered! 

Wanna hear something crazy cool? I signed up for the Terrain Race in Pittsburgh this weekend on a whim! My friend invited me and I just said yes without even making any excuses! I’m getting excited about it! It’s a 5k run with 21 obstacles like crawling under barbed wire, climbing over walls, and jumping hurdles. It’ll be wet, muddy, and hard! It’s so cool to be doing this with a friend. 

AND the same night I’m going to a beer fest with my dad and hubby. Again! Just like when I started this journey. I’ll have to get another similar picture to compare so I can really see how I’ve changed. 

Anyways. That’s how I’m managing stress these days. Running, racing, friends, and beer events! Lol

I skipped my run all weekend!! šŸ˜±  I’d say I’m a little mad but it was okay. I ran 2.2 hot and humid miles today after a long day of work. It was just what I needed and I’m feeling much more alert than I was 3 hours ago. 

I did well with my eating this weekend too so I’m hoping for a decent loss this week! I just gotta keep up with the running other days this week. I want so badly to become a morning runner but I just hate mornings haha. Hopefully in the next few weeks that changes. 

Accountability post

I can’t remember the last time I posted. I have been telling myself that I’m still doing well because I run regularly and am still recording all I’m eating but I can’t say that’s totally true. 

I just got back from Vegas and I didn’t hit my goal of getting under 200 by the time I got there. I hit 207, which is still awesome, but I’ve kinda slacked some. I have my half marathon in a week and a half and I don’t feel prepared. So, I’m back on the blog wagon. I want to make progress on the scale again. So. 


Run at least three times per week

Track everything I eat

Be under 290 when I go to California in August. 

I will do my weigh in on Friday for this week to see the damage that was done in Vegas and then I will have 2.5 months to lose the weight. I’d also really like to do more abs to tighten my tummy by then but that’s not my priority.