Terrain run!

I completed the terrain run with my friend! 

It was Super fun! I did all of the obstacles with no hesitation until the last two, which were both basically variations of monkey bars and I’m just not strong enough for that. Oh well! I still did awesome (way better than my friend which was a confidence boost) and I’m glad I did it. 

I have some gnarly bruises from the walls I jumped but that’s the price you pay ha. 

I’m starting a new challenge. I want to be more toned in my arms and tummy so I’m gonna try my best to actually do abs and push ups with this challenge thing. I even took a before picture so I hope that in two months when we go to San Diego I’ll feel awesome. 

I was hoping for a better weigh in on Friday but I just didn’t get to run as much as I wanted so that’s what it was. It’s okay. A loss is a loss! 


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