Abs goal

So I’ve started my abs goal and am happily 3 days in with good consistency so far. 

So this is the one I’m officially following, but I’ve also added in some push ups and leg lifts… and tonight I also did the squats for this other program. 

I’m feeling pretty crappy about my stomach these days. I’ve always had a fat line at my waist, probably from wearing low rose pants for years, but it’s worse now. So, I’m gonna post a couple of embarrassing progress pics that I want to reference someday. 

Although I’m wearing a size L shirt and capris… I feel like shit because of this picture. Look at my disgusting belly. Ugh. 

This is what it looks like up close. Here’s to seeing if ab exercises really help. 

Ps. I also took some arm shots for future reference. Come on, push-ups!


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