Abs-olutely hot!

So, I’ve been doing well with my abs goals! I haven’t been following exactly, but I would say I’ve only missed 2 days since starting. All other days I’ve done some variety of leg lifts, planks, push ups, and squats. Yes, I know squats have nothing to do with abs, but they will help my running so I’m okay with them being part of the program. 

I had another four-mile Friday this week that went well, and then Saturday I ran 3.5, Monday 2.5 and today 2. Monday I actually did a circut where I ran 10 mins, and then stopped to do four sets of exercises, and then ran 10 more, etc. it was a half hour of running and I did a good variety of exercises that did leave me sore. Yay! 

The scale is still staying still where it is. I know my weekend eating has been questionable, and I am looking forward to hitting one-derland; however, I am much more comfortable at this weight than in the past so it isn’t my only priority. It’s nice to not feel so much pressure to drop pounds since my fitness level and appearance are acceptable for once in 6 years! 

My eating has been better this week, but I’m bouncing anywhere from 207-210 consistently. I’ll do an official weigh in this week regardless of what it says and record it in MFP. I just hate seeing that little graph go up!


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