Monthly Archives: December 2017

2017 wrapup

Soo. Blogging hasn’t been a priority lately but I’m still going to check in on the years goals since it’s just about over.

1. End the year weighing under 200lbs.Well. I didn’t do this, but I did end the year weighing less than how I started it! Over 20 lbs less so I’ll count it 😉

2. Run at least 30 miles per month. I killed this goal! I averaged 37 miles per month!

3. Run 10k at least once. Ha! I ran two official 10k races with a PR of 1:06 and even ran a half marathon – something I never dreamed of!

4. Run a 5k in under 33 minutes. I whooped this one too! Finished two in under 30 😎

5. Reduce debt.Well, I paid my car off, and continued my student loans consistently, so this is true although I still need to work on the credit cards.

6. Love on my dogs more.I did this but there is still room for improvement!

7. Obtain my LPC.I passed the test and applied so it’s out of my hands right now! 🤞

It was a great year for my health and I definitely look forward to continuing to make progress.