Calorie counting payoff

So I cut back to 1500 calories per day last week and the scale was very happy! More than that, I had some real celebrations:

I passed my NCE and am one step closer to becoming a LPC (and getting a sweet raise at work). 

I am officially down 50lbs since I started tracking after sebi was born! Actually 53, but it took this long and I’m so proud to hit this milestone!

I bought a pair of size 16 pants that actually fit!!! They were at old navy, which runs bigger than most places, but before I was too big for an 18 and could only wear stretchy pants. I’m now back to regular people pants, woo! 

I ran 4.6 miles again at a sub 14:00 pace (13:58 but it counts lol). Just running that far at any speed is awesome. 

I got several compliments at work about how good I look! I’m even getting better at saying “thanks” instead of avoiding admitting that I’m working at it. I think some of this is fear that I’ll just fall off again and go back to fatty old me who binges daily. And then balloon up over 50 lbs again. 

I just feel some peace knowing that I’m healthier every day and I feel good. Mind and body. It’s pretty cool. 

Two victories, one week. 

I ran twice the week of this weigh in. I had the opportunity to do more but didn’t. I’d be mad except I had such a good weigh in! 

It wasn’t a huge loss (2.4lbs, decent size), but it was a big deal — I officially weigh the lowest I have in nearly six years. When I came home from Puerto Rico in June of 2011, I weighed 235. Last year I beat that briefly before my pregnancy took over at 233.something. I am so excited and so proud. 

AND today I celebrated by doing my longest run of all time: 4.6 miles! 

Runkeeper was pretty excited for me lol. My legs are super sore tonight but the thought of being in the 220s possibly next week has me so psyched 😜

After vaca weigh in

I would like to get better about updating my weigh ins in a timely manner buuuut as long as I’m doing them, I guess it doesn’t matter much. 

I weighed myself the day after returning from Florida. It was ugly, but just as I’d suspected, it was mostly water weight. I weighed in at the end of the week less than I had the week before. 

I also am .4 lbs off of my lowest weight since getting home from Puerto Rico, which I achieved at this time last year! I’m excited! And I’m definitely enjoying the benefits of weight loss recently. Someone at work recognized that I’ve lost weight and my clothes are definitely looser. 

And, a non scale victory is that I bought a size XL crew neck sweatshirt that is baggy! Yay! 

2017 thoughts. 

Another year down, another effort to move toward a better me. Like I said in my last post, I’m checking in on last year’s goals, and I’m happy to say that I really did meet one of them. Most years, resolutions are just stupid things I think about in the beginning of the year and forget after January until just after Christmas. This year, that wasn’t the case. I had three goals: run 25 miles per month, end the year weighing less than I did at the beginning, and reach a weight below 200 lbs. The last one was impossible because I got pregnant even before the new year and had an unhealthy pregnancy. I didn’t meet the running goal for months 3-9 but I did for the rest. So, I completed about 1.5 of my goals (or half lol). 

This year I am going to reach a little higher. I definitely want to end the year weighing less than I do now, but because I have no plans of getting pregnant, Im changing the game a little. 

1. End the year weighing under 200lbs. The day I am under 200 will be a huge celebration!! I technically have the possibility of hitting my goal weight but I want to leave a window for setbacks and mistakes so I don’t completely give up. 

2. Run at least 30 miles per month. I’m doing 2.5-3.5 a couple days per week so that should average well with work stress and vacation.

3. Run 10k at least once. It doesn’t have to be a race, but to run over 6 miles would be monumental for me. 

4. Run a 5k in under 33 minutes. This goal requires ongoing running and speed work… AND actually registering for a race. My average pace now is like 13:30 so I’d need to get under 11:00. It sounds hard but if I keep losing weight and working out, I’ll succeed! 

5. Reduce debt. This isn’t running related but I definitely need to put more effort into this. Especially if I get a raise this year. 

6. Love on my dogs more. Having two under two and a full time job doesn’t allow much extra time but that doesn’t mean I can’t incorporate my dogs into more activities. Plus they make me happy and self care is good!

7. Obtain my LPC. I need to pass the NCE and finish my hours but… this is definitely doable if I keep working full time. 

I don’t want these to be resolutions that are forgotten in a month. I want to nail all of them! I’m gonna need a plan… breaking them into monthly things will make it more manageable and I will be able to see success at this time next year. Boom!

Vacation plus New Years!

It’s been a while since I checked in, mainly due to vacation and pre vaca prep. So, happy new year! 

One exciting thing happened this year: I reached my goal of ending it weighing less than I began it! The goal was under 238 and I managed 235; a surprise considering how much I ate Christmas Day!

We then went on vaca for the week in Florida where I also ate a bunch of junk. I ran 3 miles one day and did a decent amount of walking other days, but I totally ate a bunch of junk. 

No regrets! But back on the wagon. I feel good about the progress I made before vaca and look forward to even more changes in the next three months. I’m proud of the way I looked there and even like some of the pictures 😱 I can’t remember the last time I said that after a vacation haha. 

I’d love to meet the same New Year’s goal next year and have even more pictures that I also like. 

I’m going to weigh in tomorrow and check out the damage. I’ll also work on a couple of goals for this year. Last year I had a mileage goal too but I didn’t meet it because I quit running when I was pregnant. Hopefully that changes this year! Until tomorrow.  

Two week hiatus 

I have logged in nearly every day for two weeks but just didn’t feel like writing. I missed two official weigh in posts, but I’ve still been weighing in and on the decline. Maybe I’m just not as excited because they weren’t huge losses? 

Regardless, I’m hanging in there. I’m in the 230’s and have set myself up to hit one of my 2016 New Years goals; to end the year weighing less than I did at the beginning! The number to beat is 238.4 and I’m hoping to be under that despite eating my heart out all of Christmas weekend. It would be a huge accomplishment since I got pregnant and had a baby this year lol. 

 So far I’ve already run three days this week and two of them were over four miles. I’m hoping for one more high intensity run on Thursday but family will be visiting and that always makes things tricky. 

Here I am on Christmas Day running 4 miles so I could eat dessert with no guilt! 

Here are the highlights of Christmas and felixs birthday. 

Here’s to hoping I can moderate my eating for a couple more days to end the year on top! 

Weighing in and a free weekend 

My weigh in was acceptable Friday. I lost 1.6 more lbs and had my first sub-45 minute 5k. 

Although the fat percentage doesn’t seem to me moving consistently or quickly, it is nice to see my BMI dropping. That’s something I really like about my scale. 

This weekend we had my family’s Christmas party and celebration for felixs birthday which was super chaotic but super fun. I allowed myself to eat freely so I enjoyed some sweets including pumpkin pie, buckeyes, and a gingerbread cookie. I also stuffed my face with all of the turkey dinner fixings. 

The day before we went to a cookie exchange and ordered pizza for dinner so my eating was bad all weekend. I’m gonna pay the price this week but it was nice to eat like a normal person for a couple days. Let’s face it – I really don’t know how normal people eat so mostly I ate like my family and will have to work to get back on and stay back on the wagon. So far, I was able to do that today because we came home with extra turkey which is super low calorie and no sweets. Yay! 

Look at my handsome little snow bunny. 

4 evil words

Remember my plateau? It was confirmed by a school secretary who spoke the four unforgivable words that no woman wants to hear: “When are you due?” 😳

I was devastated. I brushed it off and gave a fair answer about having a baby 4 months ago, but I weighed in this week at 243, which is lower than I was before my FIRST pregnancy. So I shouldn’t look pregnant! 

This is an updated progress pic from 2 weeks ago. I don’t look small, but if you ask me, I don’t look big enough to believe I’m pregnant. Of course, because I’ve been overweight much of my adult life, I feel like you NEVER ask a woman if she’s pregnant unless she is in labor haha. 

Before that I was feeling frustrated with the plateau. That confirmed it. Then I weighed in this week and was happy again so, I’m just gonna trust my apparently round gut and keep doing what I’m doing lol. 


So, the last two weeks have shown some prett disappointing weight loss. Granted, one of those weeks I ran only once and the other week I ran twice, but I’ve been a little frustrated. Add in a holiday, traveling to see family for three days, and more work stress, and I’m feeling a little off track. I am still counting calories, but I haven’t seen the results I want. 

It’s affecting my hunger I think too, cuz I’ve been a little obsessive about food the last two days, which hadn’t been the case for over a month. 

I must need to crack down on my blogging and coping skills. I also need to figure out a new plan to get enough exercise despite work trying to suck the life from me. I still haven’t figured that out yet lol. 

Monday I squeezed in a run after work and before Jared left for work. It was short, but it counts for something. I just need more chances to get them in like that.. and take them!