Bing bang boom

I was right, it was a good weigh in! 

Only 5.6 lbs until onederland! I think the big difference was my long run… which is awesome except I didn’t do one this weekend so I’m gonna have to try to squeeze one in this week. This hot PA weather is brutal to run in any time but morning or in the rain, but I’ll see if I can make it work. šŸ˜Ž


Four mile Friday!

It’s officially a streak!! 4šŸ”„ (I work with teenagers, forgive me for the Snapchat reference). 

I’ve been using my new garmin and so far (after a whopping 5 days), I love it! I especially like the nice little workout summaries:

I’ve been doing some reading on how to improve my pace and there is a theory that 80% of your running should be in the Aerobic Zone, and 20% in your max heart rate zone, with as little as possible in the middle “threshold Zone.”  So, I was trying to do that for today’s 4 miles, and as you can see, I failed miserably haha. 

The top of my Aerobic zone is 147, and the first half of my run was mostly in that zone. Then I think I was overthinking it and trying so hard to slow down that I was actually working against myself. I feel like I have one speed when I run – whatever I’m comfortable at that day. Haha. That doesn’t really fit in with improving speed. Soooooooo. Here’s to trying something new and weird and outside of my comfort zone. Whatever. 

Today I #touchthefence and make movement forward. 

Tomorrow will be my weigh in. I have a gooooood feeling about this week šŸ˜‰

That dang scale

Well. Here it is. Even though I thought it was a decent week of workouts and eating, this is what I came up with on my weigh in: 209.6. I’ve been gaining and losing the same 4ish pounds for two months now. 

It’s kinda frustrating, but I think I may be self-sabotaging. I have definitely not done a long run on a weekend (or at all) since my half on June 10th, but I’ve still been eating kinda crappy on weekends. So, I’ve been setting myself up for failure a bit because I work so hard during the week but then detail on the weekend. 

So, Sunday I said that enough was enough and I ran 8 miles! 

I actually can’t believe that pace because it’s both faster than my norm and longer than any run in over a month. Weird how that works. I guess I just really needed it! 

Today I also got my new garmin in the mail. I got a decent bonus with work last week because I busted my ass this year, and I follow a few websites that include runners who use different fitness watches and methods. I did a bunch of research and I came to try the Garmin Vivoactive HR. I hope to run a triathlon someday, so this will work for that, but for now it will do everything I want with no extra effort lol. 

I didn’t order it with any thoughts about it helping me beat the scale, but full disclosure: now that I’m thinking about it, I do hope it helps! 

Today I got it and I used that as an excuse to go for a short run after work. 

I do really like the way the app is so well set up and gives all the info I want like this. Hope to see a loss on the scale this week!

Abs-olutely hot!

So, I’ve been doing well with my abs goals! I haven’t been following exactly, but I would say I’ve only missed 2 days since starting. All other days I’ve done some variety of leg lifts, planks, push ups, and squats. Yes, I know squats have nothing to do with abs, but they will help my running so I’m okay with them being part of the program. 

I had another four-mile Friday this week that went well, and then Saturday I ran 3.5, Monday 2.5 and today 2. Monday I actually did a circut where I ran 10 mins, and then stopped to do four sets of exercises, and then ran 10 more, etc. it was a half hour of running and I did a good variety of exercises that did leave me sore. Yay! 

The scale is still staying still where it is. I know my weekend eating has been questionable, and I am looking forward to hitting one-derland; however, I am much more comfortable at this weight than in the past so it isn’t my only priority. It’s nice to not feel so much pressure to drop pounds since my fitness level and appearance are acceptable for once in 6 years! 

My eating has been better this week, but I’m bouncing anywhere from 207-210 consistently. I’ll do an official weigh in this week regardless of what it says and record it in MFP. I just hate seeing that little graph go up!

Abs goal

So I’ve started my abs goal and am happily 3 days in with good consistency so far. 

So this is the one I’m officially following, but I’ve also added in some push ups and leg lifts… and tonight I also did the squats for this other program. 

I’m feeling pretty crappy about my stomach these days. I’ve always had a fat line at my waist, probably from wearing low rose pants for years, but it’s worse now. So, I’m gonna post a couple of embarrassing progress pics that I want to reference someday. 

Although I’m wearing a size L shirt and capris… I feel like shit because of this picture. Look at my disgusting belly. Ugh. 

This is what it looks like up close. Here’s to seeing if ab exercises really help. 

Ps. I also took some arm shots for future reference. Come on, push-ups!

Terrain run!

I completed the terrain run with my friend! 

It was Super fun! I did all of the obstacles with no hesitation until the last two, which were both basically variations of monkey bars and I’m just not strong enough for that. Oh well! I still did awesome (way better than my friend which was a confidence boost) and I’m glad I did it. 

I have some gnarly bruises from the walls I jumped but that’s the price you pay ha. 

I’m starting a new challenge. I want to be more toned in my arms and tummy so I’m gonna try my best to actually do abs and push ups with this challenge thing. I even took a before picture so I hope that in two months when we go to San Diego I’ll feel awesome. 

I was hoping for a better weigh in on Friday but I just didn’t get to run as much as I wanted so that’s what it was. It’s okay. A loss is a loss! 

Stress managementĀ 

Today I did a good job of channeling my anger into running. It wasn’t my fastest or longest or best run ever, but I felt stress and I came home and pounded it out on the pavement. 

I threw some pork chops in the oven on my way out and then ran farther than expected so I had to really pick up the pace to get home before they burned. It wasn’t that hot but the humidity is high so I really did a lot of sweating. It was just what the doctor ordered! 

Wanna hear something crazy cool? I signed up for the Terrain Race in Pittsburgh this weekend on a whim! My friend invited me and I just said yes without even making any excuses! I’m getting excited about it! It’s a 5k run with 21 obstacles like crawling under barbed wire, climbing over walls, and jumping hurdles. It’ll be wet, muddy, and hard! It’s so cool to be doing this with a friend. 

AND the same night I’m going to a beer fest with my dad and hubby. Again! Just like when I started this journey. I’ll have to get another similar picture to compare so I can really see how I’ve changed. 

Anyways. That’s how I’m managing stress these days. Running, racing, friends, and beer events! Lol

I skipped my run all weekend!! šŸ˜±  I’d say I’m a little mad but it was okay. I ran 2.2 hot and humid miles today after a long day of work. It was just what I needed and I’m feeling much more alert than I was 3 hours ago. 

I did well with my eating this weekend too so I’m hoping for a decent loss this week! I just gotta keep up with the running other days this week. I want so badly to become a morning runner but I just hate mornings haha. Hopefully in the next few weeks that changes. 

Accountability post

I can’t remember the last time I posted. I have been telling myself that I’m still doing well because I run regularly and am still recording all I’m eating but I can’t say that’s totally true. 

I just got back from Vegas and I didn’t hit my goal of getting under 200 by the time I got there. I hit 207, which is still awesome, but I’ve kinda slacked some. I have my half marathon in a week and a half and I don’t feel prepared. So, I’m back on the blog wagon. I want to make progress on the scale again. So. 


Run at least three times per week

Track everything I eat

Be under 290 when I go to California in August. 

I will do my weigh in on Friday for this week to see the damage that was done in Vegas and then I will have 2.5 months to lose the weight. I’d also really like to do more abs to tighten my tummy by then but that’s not my priority.