I skipped my run all weekend!! 😱  I’d say I’m a little mad but it was okay. I ran 2.2 hot and humid miles today after a long day of work. It was just what I needed and I’m feeling much more alert than I was 3 hours ago. 

I did well with my eating this weekend too so I’m hoping for a decent loss this week! I just gotta keep up with the running other days this week. I want so badly to become a morning runner but I just hate mornings haha. Hopefully in the next few weeks that changes. 

Accountability post

I can’t remember the last time I posted. I have been telling myself that I’m still doing well because I run regularly and am still recording all I’m eating but I can’t say that’s totally true. 

I just got back from Vegas and I didn’t hit my goal of getting under 200 by the time I got there. I hit 207, which is still awesome, but I’ve kinda slacked some. I have my half marathon in a week and a half and I don’t feel prepared. So, I’m back on the blog wagon. I want to make progress on the scale again. So. 


Run at least three times per week

Track everything I eat

Be under 290 when I go to California in August. 

I will do my weigh in on Friday for this week to see the damage that was done in Vegas and then I will have 2.5 months to lose the weight. I’d also really like to do more abs to tighten my tummy by then but that’s not my priority. 

Two week plateau

So, over the last two weeks I’ve only lost a pound. I had a couple of high calorie days and some iffy food choices so I’m not that surprised but I’m a bit bummed. 

I went to the gym for an interval workout and weights twice last week and as much as I like feeling strong, it just doesn’t fine me the weight loss or “damn that was a good workout” feeling. 

So, this week I’m back to my trusty runs. In fact, Saturday I set a new distance record. 6.5 miles! Wowza. 

I did do something cool last week- I got to see my favorite band Portugal. The Man in concert. It rocked! I went with my dad and Jared and my mom watched the boys so we got to go down early and have some beers and some delicious food and just have a good time. I needed it! I haven’t had time away from my kids in forever so I really felt like getting out without focusing on managing them and going wherever we want instead of what’s best for them was nice. It was also nice to come back and love on them the next day. 

Say what you want, self care is good! 

I’m especially proud that I was able to do that, in the middle of a plateau, and not give up on my running. It’s pretty cool to have the motivation just kind of be part of my routine. I remember a time just after I had the baby that I couldn’t have one cheat day because I was afraid that I’d be off the wagon for good. It’s nice to find some balance! Even tho it means the scale isn’t moving as fast as I might like… 😉

A lucky week of running

This week has been pretty great in terms of workouts for me! I ran a frosty 3 miles Saturday, and another frosty 3.6 Tuesday. Then Wednesday, I had a cancellation and went to the gym. I tried something new – I did a warmup 20 minute run on the treadmill and then I switched off lifting for 5 mins and climbing the stair stepper for 5 minutes. I only did two sets of intervals, but also did an extra round of lifting on the 30 minute machines. 

I really thought I’d be sore today but I’m not as much as I would have liked. Aaaaand so I went back to the gym again. I did 4 miles on the treadmill and then one round in the 30 minute machines. I can already tell my upper body is sore from yesterday (it always is worse the 2nd day) so tomorrow will be a perfect rest day. 

Anyways, it adds up to about 12 miles this week, which is awesome! I feel good about my food choices and also am happy about my workouts. 

I had a non scale victory today as well — I tried on Jared’s Columbia zip up because it’s freezing and it fits AND looks good. I’m definitely using it as often as I want since he has so many coats. 

I follow From Fat To Finish Line private group on Facebook and saw someone had posted about a good discount on oldnavy.com, so I ordered several things at half off, all of which are size 16 or size Large. I haven’t been able to fit in things that size in like 7 years. Ahhhhhhh!!!!

Feeling selfietastic because losing weight and working out are cooooool. 😎

Another milestone

I was very very surprised for my weigh in this week because I (mistakingly) weighed myself every day and didn’t see the scale move – up or down. And then poof, Saturday morning: 

I stuck to my calories every day and got three solid days of running in to find a 2.2 pound loss. And I’m in the teens! I guess the Saturday weigh in worked this week. I shall continue that and see if I really am past the plateau or if this is a fluke. 

One other thing I decided to switch is to start drinking light beer again. I don’t think it will make a big change because I don’t drink a ton, but if I have 6 beers, it’s 300 more calories than if I were drinking light beer. That’s not a huge number but I think it will make a small difference in the long run. We shall see. 

I am still thinking about adding in some kind of strength training or weight lifting something but I don’t really know where to start or how to fit it in. Plus I don’t really enjoy it so it’s hard to feel motivated to do it. One of my friends stopped by last night and talked about doing the stairs at the gym, so maybe I’ll try that and see how I like it. 

Yesterday we also went out to the mall to walk and get some Felix energy out after going to Texas Roadhouse (yum!) so I had to take some pictures. 

Welcome to western pa where you can buy chickens at the local store. Turns out it’s a perfect, free almost petting zoo and the kid loves it. Win win!

Switch up

I feel I am plateauing despite continuous loss so I’m trying to be proactive. 

I lost less than a pound this weeek despite running 13 miles and I think it’s because of my poor eating Friday-Sunday.  

So I’m going to start weighing in on Saturday’s so I don’t go overboard on Fridays. This will keep me from having high calorie days 3 days per week. I can’t just eat healthy half the time, it doesn’t give me the results that I want. I’m not really eating crappy the other days; I’ve been running more and allowing myself to eat more, but I need to cut back still. 

Weekends are hard because I’m much less busy and less structure always makes me munch more. Yesterday I did well, just like on Friday, so I’m going to cut myself some slack today since we’re going out with a bunch of extended family tonight, but I definitely don’t want to eat a ton and not work out. So, I’ll be getting a run in beforehand and then enjoy myself! This will be my one high calorie day this week. 

Calorie counting payoff

So I cut back to 1500 calories per day last week and the scale was very happy! More than that, I had some real celebrations:

I passed my NCE and am one step closer to becoming a LPC (and getting a sweet raise at work). 

I am officially down 50lbs since I started tracking after sebi was born! Actually 53, but it took this long and I’m so proud to hit this milestone!

I bought a pair of size 16 pants that actually fit!!! They were at old navy, which runs bigger than most places, but before I was too big for an 18 and could only wear stretchy pants. I’m now back to regular people pants, woo! 

I ran 4.6 miles again at a sub 14:00 pace (13:58 but it counts lol). Just running that far at any speed is awesome. 

I got several compliments at work about how good I look! I’m even getting better at saying “thanks” instead of avoiding admitting that I’m working at it. I think some of this is fear that I’ll just fall off again and go back to fatty old me who binges daily. And then balloon up over 50 lbs again. 

I just feel some peace knowing that I’m healthier every day and I feel good. Mind and body. It’s pretty cool.