Progress Pics

Many of the blogs I read are maintenance blogs. Unfortunately, I’m not in maintenance, I’m still in active weight-loss. So, here are some pics of my progress so far. I’m trying to stay positive and remind myself that every loss matters, no matter how small! Also, I’m in the bathroom at work for nearly all of them because when I started, I was running on my lunch break from work every day, so that is where I was thinking about it enough to take a picture (too many selfies!).


Here is my ‘official’ start picture. I’m about 282 lbs in this picture, even though it isn’t a full-body picture.


Here is a full body shot of me at the beginning of my weight loss. This is after 2 or three weeks, probably right around 275lbs.

IMG_3535Here I am around week 3 of my running, probably right around 265lbs.

IMG_3681[1]This is around 255 lbs, and you can see that the tank tops that are size 2XL are starting to be quite big on me.


Here I am at 248lbs. I’m running 3 miles, a few times a week at this point.

After this, I got pregnant and took a period away from working out. I was off the wagon and slowly crept back up.

This is me before trying to get back on the wagon, around 250. I failed and crept up to 264 before getting back on track again.

Felix helped me get back into my running routine, here around 260.

Just finished c25k, at 243, running three times weekly, around 2-2.5 miles. Felix is now a year old and I reached my pre pregnancy weight a week before his first birthday.

A month later, we found out I was pregnant with #2! I was at my lowest weight (233) to date and hopeful about staying in shape thru pregnancy. When the first trimester kicked my ass, I started eating crappy again and quickly fell out of shape.

I gained a ton of weight while pregnant. You can see it in my face here about 2 weeks before delivery.

That’s what an unhealthy pregnancy does to a body. At 6 weeks post partum I started trying to get back into some kind of routine at around 278 lbs.

This is at about 248, finished c25k and running around 3 miles 2-3 times per week, as work allows. This is not long before Thanksgiving and I’m proud to have gone into the holidays in shape and taking care of myself.

Although I’ve been at the same weight for about a year now (around 210 +/- 5), I’m feeling pretty confident. I’ve run two half marathons and am currently training for a triathlon. Weight loss has stalled but strength is here!


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