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A great run!

I had another excellent run today and this time it actually recorded right! Yay!

Today was an interval run. Five sets of 3 minute intervals for a total of 30 minutes (plus a 5 minute warmup).   I ended up going over the time because I saw that I was so close to my third mile and didn’t want to quit!



 So I know that was a lot of screen shots but I wanted to show my pace for each intervals as well as the overall average. My slowest interval (and the only one above 12:00 mile) was when I was running through the grass in a field to cut part of the distance and avoid the icy part of the park route. 

Being in the 11’s for half of my run is awesome because one of my goals this year is to get down to the 10’s so 11’s makes that feel achievable. Also, this gave me a 100% legit starting point for my 5k pace since I’m just over 40 minutes for 3 miles (and part of that was warmup walking). I was afraid it would be closer to 45 minutes so I’m very excited!

Hopefully this year I will cut off TEN minutes of that pace. I assume speed comes as you are carrying less weight so I’m trying not to be hard on myself about my speed. But it is in the back of my mind. We shall see. For today, I’m excited to be over three miles for the second day this week, as well as excited to see sub-12:00 times for intervals. Small victories! Gratitude! Hazahh (it made sense at the time haha)