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Spring taking a break?

Well, it’s Wednesday!

Spring break took an interesting turn today when the rain decided to turn to a blizzard with a wind chill of 3 degrees. The most interesting thing is that despite this, I still forced myself to brave the weather and do my third C25k workout of the week. I was planning to run four days this week, but a girlfriend happened to be in Pittsburgh yesterday so we met for a walk on my dinner break at work.  I was happy that the weather was nice, but we only ended up walking about a mile. I didn’t feel too bad though because I took the dogs for a 1.5 mile walk up my giant apartment hill so I figure when you add the two together, it makes for a fairly productive ‘rest’ day. Anyways, because of that, I knew I had to get my third workout in either today or tomorrow, and while at work tonight, I decided to take the plunge… or the freeze?

The workout was actually pretty horrible. The one side of the track (of course the side with the hill) was basically a wind chute, so I was running up hill against like 20mph icy wind. Not my best day. Fortunately, I did end up going my normal distance, so it wasn’t a total bust. I also was fumbling with my scarf for the first 3minute cycle of jogging, so I was distracted and didn’t notice that my legs were tired. That was kind of nice… and probably not good.

I also made a big mistake – I looked ahead to what next week looks like, and I have been kinda anxious ever since. I was expecting that it would go from two 90 second and two 3 minute portions (with matching walking time) to three 3 minute portions with equal walking time. Instead it goes something like 3 min jogging, 90 sec walking, 5 min jogging, 2.5 min walking, repeat twice. The three minute portions were hard this week, so I know the five minutes will be really hard! I also know that without the recuperating walking time in between I’m gonna be struggling. Now I feel like I want to get time in the gym tomorrow so that I can get a fourth workout in this week, to hopefully prepare for next weeks nightmare. I’m gonna try to get on campus tomorrow to do that and maybe lift. We’ll have to see how sleepy I am after working and interning all day today.

Back to the core exercises that I talked about earlier this week. I was on pinterest again (yeah, probably a cross-addiction) at work today, and found a list of good core exercises that I can incorporate into my every day activities that don’t involve any kind of special equipment or anything. I made myself a little schedule that I think will take about 10 or fewer minutes every day, just to keep myself engaged in core stuff so that it helps my overall posture, health, etc. I’ve never really done ab workouts in the past unless they were a part of what my coach was making us do (in high school sports), because I read a long time ago that you’ll never gain abs through core workouts unless you are also dieting. This is probably a myth, and something that I could totally use as an excuse to avoid my core, but regardless, now I’m losing weight so it’s perfect time to be ready to work on my core.

Something kinda weird has been happening this week. I don’t know if its that I have been asleep for more hours and am therefore burning fewer calories and have less time to munch… or if I’m getting more used to the low number of calories… or what. BUT, I’ve had less than 1,400 calories every single day this week, even on days that I both interned and worked an 11 hour shift at work. Some days I was even right around 1,000 calories. I’m interested to see how this affects my weight at the end of the week for my weigh in.