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Another milestone

I was very very surprised for my weigh in this week because I (mistakingly) weighed myself every day and didn’t see the scale move – up or down. And then poof, Saturday morning: 

I stuck to my calories every day and got three solid days of running in to find a 2.2 pound loss. And I’m in the teens! I guess the Saturday weigh in worked this week. I shall continue that and see if I really am past the plateau or if this is a fluke. 

One other thing I decided to switch is to start drinking light beer again. I don’t think it will make a big change because I don’t drink a ton, but if I have 6 beers, it’s 300 more calories than if I were drinking light beer. That’s not a huge number but I think it will make a small difference in the long run. We shall see. 

I am still thinking about adding in some kind of strength training or weight lifting something but I don’t really know where to start or how to fit it in. Plus I don’t really enjoy it so it’s hard to feel motivated to do it. One of my friends stopped by last night and talked about doing the stairs at the gym, so maybe I’ll try that and see how I like it. 

Yesterday we also went out to the mall to walk and get some Felix energy out after going to Texas Roadhouse (yum!) so I had to take some pictures. 

Welcome to western pa where you can buy chickens at the local store. Turns out it’s a perfect, free almost petting zoo and the kid loves it. Win win!


4 evil words

Remember my plateau? It was confirmed by a school secretary who spoke the four unforgivable words that no woman wants to hear: “When are you due?” 😳

I was devastated. I brushed it off and gave a fair answer about having a baby 4 months ago, but I weighed in this week at 243, which is lower than I was before my FIRST pregnancy. So I shouldn’t look pregnant! 

This is an updated progress pic from 2 weeks ago. I don’t look small, but if you ask me, I don’t look big enough to believe I’m pregnant. Of course, because I’ve been overweight much of my adult life, I feel like you NEVER ask a woman if she’s pregnant unless she is in labor haha. 

Before that I was feeling frustrated with the plateau. That confirmed it. Then I weighed in this week and was happy again so, I’m just gonna trust my apparently round gut and keep doing what I’m doing lol. 

Weigh in Friday. 

It’s been an odd week. I got in 3 decent runs, I hit under my calorie goal every day… and I lost 5 more pounds. 😳

I feel odd because it happened two weeks in a row. I was genuinely expecting a small loss, like a pound, or two at the most. 

So. I’m in the 240’s??!! It’s hilarious because instead of being totally excited, I’m kinda confused. I logged everythibg I ate and I didn’t deprive myself at all so I have no idea what the heck happened. I don’t actually want to lose that much weight at a time because I know that it’s healthiest to lose 2ish pounds per week, not twice that. 

I should be grateful and proud. I am. Just a little leery too. 

My last run I only had about a half hour to get it done before going back to work. As I was going I kept upping the speed to race the clock. When I realized I could probably do 2.5 miles and still have time to shower, I sped up more than I have in a while! It averages to about 14 minute miles, which doesn’t sound that great, but two minutes were warm up walking so it’s closer to 13 minute miles. To be able to do that for 2.5 miles is a big deal since I’d like to run a 5k in under 40 minutes at some point (yeah I know, what happened to clear goals?). If I can do it by the new year, I’d like to sign up for a race and actually test it out.  That may not be doable since the weather here sucks then, but it is nice to have some ideas. 

In other news, I’ve had more energy to love my babies, which is always a nice side effect to the weight loss / exercising. I feel good about myself so I also WANT to be more active and spend time with them. I need to remember that when I start to struggle again. 

Weigh in Friday 

The week of sickness led to a pretty number on the scale but I’m willing to bet it’ll even out next week since I didn’t eat much for a couple days. Water weight can be deceiving in both ways! 

The scale believes I lost 5 lbs. I do love the thought of being so close to the 240’s anddd my first goal (251 or 10%) but I need to not get my hopes up cuz this week is special lol. 


So, I’ve been running and finding successes and taking pictures to post… and I’ve done none of those things. 

Last week I lost 1.4 lbs which is completely healthy (but a slight disappointment). 

But, I am down 3% body fat since purchasing my new scale! I also finished c25k, which is exciting! Aaand I used running as a coping skill and avoided a binge, even after stopping at Taco Bell after a horrible meeting that didn’t go how I wanted. Yay again! 

Sunday I started the c25k 10K program. 

Felix enjoyed the first run in the cold (and wind)…. okay he slept about half the time. Frankly, that was exactly what I wanted him to do since he was tired but it was too early to really nap. 

Sebi turned 3 months old AND I got my first decent picture of a real smile. Yay! 

Lots of yays, no motivation to write. I’m on track and doing well, tho, so for once, a slight distance from the blog is not a bad sign. I’m still logging in almost daily to read my favorite blogs (like this one) that help me relax and regroup. All in all, it’s a good week! 

Weigh in friday

Well, in the last month, I’ve officially lost 15 lbs! What a great start to where I’m heading 😁

As it says, it’s a little over 5% which is half of my first goal! Wouldn’t it be awesome to hit that goal in another month?? Okay, realistically, I’ll probably stop losing 3ish pounds per week since I am shrinking but I’m gonna continue working hard and see where it takes me. 

I also only have two c25k workouts left, so I’m gonna start the 10K program next week. It’s funny that I was able to do the early workouts while still eating kinda crappy. I obviously worked out a little more often than expected inorder to complete it faster this time, but I still did some of the workouts in the weeks of recording choices that weren’t so good too. Ah well. Three pounds this week. I’ll take it 😉

Fun Friday 

Im completing a weigh in post on time. Woo! 

I lost just over two pounds this week and was notified I’ve been logging food for 50 days! Wow! I gained the first couple weeks of that, but I don’t want to not count it since it did help me get my head on straight. Plus, I’m learning to embrace the struggle. 

I went to the gym twice and plan to run tomorrow to get my third workout in. Fitting the gym into work time is getting more difficult but it does feel good so I’m gonna do it until I can’t. Then I’ll figure something else out. For now, I’ll take it. 

Look who is now 10 lbs 😉

Late weigh in

I was incredibly excited on weigh in day, but after I went to work I completely lost track of time. Work was awesome but I never got around to writing this post. 

Saturday I told myself I was gonna run all day and didn’t, so I DEFINITELY wasn’t gonna post, and sunday I was so mad for not running I forced myself to. It was awesome and flew by. Then we spent the day with my parents so I lost track of time. 

Long story not short enough, my weigh in was good! I couldn’t get a picture of the scale so here’s MFP. 

Down 3.2 more, for a total of over 10lbs since September 10th. Yay! 

Today is Monday, and I already went to the gym and stuck it out on the treadmill so I can feel accomplished haha. 

This is what my heart rate was for 22mins of jogging plus a 5 minute warm up and cool down. I believe I was in the wrong Zone for an easy run but I’m still working on that part. I will be more particular about it after I’m done with C25K in two weeks. That’s right, only six more workouts left. Woo!

Weigh in happy dance 

After two weeks of complaining about my scale, I ended up buying a new one. I think the last one was actually kinda accurate but the guessing game was annoying. So, I got the Health o Meter brand one that was more advanced than the other one I’d had. It shows body fat, water, bmi, and about 10 other things that I don’t care about so I’m not listing them haha. 

Obviously I’m embarrassed by the amount of fat in my body, but if I post this picture of where I started then I have some documentation in case I stop posting the actual picture. The screen lights up and is very tricky to take a picture of in the 15 second window. 

This is what several other pictures looked like haha. 

Anyways, I lost theee pounds since my final weigh in on my questionable scale. I’m gonna go with it cuz I like the number and the hard work appears to be paying off. 

This weekend my husband and I are visiting my brother in the middle of the state. We’re taking the baby cuz I’m nursing him, but the toddler is having a weekend at grandma and grandpa’s house. It’ll be a nice little vaca. Hopefully we’ll get a little extra sleep and enjoy some fun wherever we want to go, instead of only finding toddler-friendly locations. Sounds silly, but that really limits options. He’s at the age he can’t even sit in a restaurant so I’m hoping to have my fill of restaurant food haha. And hang out with my brother, of course. 

Hubby also talked me into getting tickets for a WWE event on Sunday, so Sebi will get to see his first professional wrestling match. He was in my belly for the last one we went to in Youngstown and the first trimester nausea paired with very smelly fans was brutal. This should be better. Hope the announcements don’t hurt his little ears tho! 

In other news, Felix now nurses his baby while mommy feeds baby brother. God kids are so smart. 😍😂