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Its a great day!

Today was an amazing run day! It stormed all day, and then about an hour before I went on my break from work, it stopped and cleared up. The weather was super nice, and it turns out that 60 degrees is the perfect temperature for me to run in. Also, there was another guy running on the track, and for my last lap, he was about 30 feet in front of me. I set a goal to catch him by the time my time was up, even though I was exhausted. He must have caught on to what I was doing, because he picked up the pace as I started to get closer, and by the time we had just about finished the lap, I was running pretty much at a sprint (or at least the equivalent after running 2 miles). It was awesome. I didn’t even recognize how hard I was working until I turned the corner and he continued going straight because at that point, I slowed down for the last minute or two. As I slowed down, my breath caught up to me, and I was kinda dying. It was the best feeling I’ve felt in a while. It was accomplishment and empowerment all put together. It made me sooo happy too because my run last Thursday was soo crappy that I had been feeling a little bad about my working out. Now, I’m feeling rejuvenated going into the last workout of the entire C25k plan!


To celebrate, I took a selfie in the mirror to show my progress so far. After 8 weeks of running and eating healthier, I’ve hit my first goal (28lbs), so here is a picture to go with that. My shirt is a little baggy so its hard to tell exactly what I look like underneath, but regardless of what I look like, I feel good! And that is just as important as anything else in this process.

This weekend I did a really good job sticking to my (not) diet. In the past few weekends, I’ve been having cheat days or days where I had big plans that caused me to go over my usual calories by a few hundred (usually not more than 2,000 total tho). This weekend I really stuck to my 1,400 or fewer calories per day because I know next weekend is going to be a struggle. It will be my first whole weekend on the road since I started this process, so it will be a challenge just to keep track of what I’m eating, let alone have healthy enough options to eat under 1,400 cals per day.

This is also my last week of school! Yaaaay! When I get up for internship in 4 hours, I’m gonna have to remind myself of that because I know I’ll be tired just like always. I’ve been doing this mindfulness thing lately where I work on a mandala to slow down my mind and focus. I did a few with Jared on Friday and I’ve been working on them since in my spare time. It’s kinda just a fun way to pass time and center myself. I’m hoping that will help me with the exhaustion I feel on Tuesday mornings. We’ll see!



St. Patty’s Weekend!

Saturday weigh in day…. AND St Patty’s weekend. Add those two together and what do you get? Only 1.8lbs lost this week. I would love to blame it on St. Patty’s but truth is, I’m not exactly sure what happened. I’m not too upset, because I’ve read that 1-2 lbs per week is actually healthy, but I really haven’t been eating as much as usual, so I’m a little surprised. Plus, week 3 in C25k was a little tougher than other weeks, and I’ve heard that when you begin exercising, you may see a plateau in weight loss because of your muscles retaining water. Regardless, progress is progress, so Ill take it.

Today I did Week 4, Day 1 on C25k program. HOLY SHIT, it was hard. I said earlier this week that I had looked ahead and was feeling some anxiety… well that continued for a few days and then finally today was the day that I had to step up. Although there were a few times that I was sure that I couldn’t keep going, I somehow did. I was going reeeally slow, but I was going! I’m really proud of myself. I had no idea that I could do that. I know that I’ve been feeling excited each week as the run gets easier, but I had no idea that I’d be able to keep going for two separate 5 minute segments. If you would have told me that a month ago, I would have laughed out loud. I probably say that every week, but this week should have more emphasis.

On another note…  its St Patty’s weekend! Yay! I’m heading up to my home town today to go out with one of my closest girlfriends (the one who visited on Tuesday). St. Patty’s is my second favorite holiday of the year, so it’s only natural that I am going out to celebrate! Aaaand doing so in my favorite bar in Clarion.. Toby! It’s also Toby Bar’s birthday (6 years old), so its like a double-whammy. Yay! Much to be happy about!

ImageThat’s the shirt that I made for the occasion! I have prob made like 50 home-made t shirts in my lifetime, but they’re so fun and easy that I can’t help it. I’m a little excited about wearing it for two reasons: I love beer, and it’s a size XL and it fits! I’ve been wearing 2XL for the last six months or year, so fitting into this is a pretty exciting thing for me! I know that 16lbs isn’t a lot at my weight, but if it is enough to help me feel good in a shirt that I had contemplated throwing away not 2 months ago. A mens XL is still not my goal size, but it reminds me that I’m not working hard for no reason! Its nice to have these little reminders every once in a while… especially because I lost about half as much weight this week as I had in the previous 3. Nonetheless, I’m at about 1/8th of my goal right now. That’s awesome!

On that note, I’m gonna jump in the car and head out. Thank goodness I have an awesome little brother who will DD for me tonight! It’s so easy to let loose when there is no fear of needing to drive home 😉