Monthly Archives: February 2018

Finding my way

I’ve been feeling really lost and out of control for a while now. It’s no secret that my eating has been really out of sorts, but I’ve been feeling out of control in more ways than that. I won’t get too deep into it because I don’t know that I’m ready for all of that, but suffice it to say, I think I’m ready to get back on track – like REALLY on track. Like I was when I started.

My running has still been really consistent, which makes me proud, so I want to focus my energy back to fueling my body and letting some of my impulsivity go.

I switched to a Fitbit on Sunday, but not because I didn’t like something about the garmin. It was really great but it was so ugly! Haha so I was looking at the fitbit’s in Walmart and Jared urged me to buy one and he’d take my garmin. I’m hoping that him taking it will mean that he gets more consistent with his health and in turn supports me better lol.

I’ve already forced him to hide the sweets. I’ve logged every food eaten since Saturday. Today I subbed Brussels Sprouts for a salty dish I’d rather eat (chips!!!!). I also haven’t had any beer since Saturday. It’s funny how much those calories add up! When I was doing really well, I didn’t need to log anything I was drinking because I was still making progress. I think now I’ve lost enough weight that nothing will be a “gimme” so I need to count errrrrything.

So, Day by day I’m getting a little more control. Sunday I even kept my eating under 2,000 calories despite burning like 1400 on my run lol.

Plus, the weather has been a little nicer so we dragged the boys out for a hike that day.

Can’t believe how big they’re getting.

Also, just want to add that no matter what my weight actually is right now (I think around 219), I love that I’m able to do things physically that I couldn’t before – you know, like hiking two miles 3 hours after running 10 miles. 😃

Today and yesterday I also did abs. I like where my motivation is today. I wanna hold on to it!