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REAL Rest Day

So, I’ve had not much to do lately but workout, think about working out, and eat.  As I said yesterday, I’m running over 3 miles at least 3 times a week right now (yay). Work has been SO SLOW that I spent most of my evening today searching for information on how to speed up your running and what to do on your ‘rest’ days. Lately I’ve been spending the entire weekend actually resting, without doing much of anything. I don’t want to do that anymore, and I’m excited to say that I don’t have to! I found some stuff to do that I think will help, but I will also be able to do from home or in a smaller amount of time:

A) I downloaded a new app I found (for free) called 7M Workout. It apparently has several different workouts and levels of intensity that you can do in 7 minutes. They have longer ones too; I saw a 9, a 16, and a 30 minute one as well. I want to do this at least one day a week. I think that these will be something good for me to do on Wednesdays on my break from work, because that is my rest day of the four days in a row. I found out last week that my knee doesn’t really like running four days in a row, so I want to do something the other day. Today, I went home to hang out with my dogs and my husband, but since he and I are fighting, it wasn’t much fun.  Plus it was POURING rain, so I didn’t have many other options, and not having options makes me cranky. Maybe I’m just cranky overall. Anyways, doing a workout from this app on Wednesdays will be good.

B) I found some information on a thing called a Fartlek Workout. Now, I’m far from well-versed on this, but I’m definitely interested. I think this is something I want to do on the weekends! It looks really hard and really horrible, but it will definitely help me speed up and feel better about myself on the weekends. I think the three days of no working out has really been taking a toll on my self-esteem. It also encourages my binging, because when I have a workout planned, I eat accordingly. Thinking logically about all of this is pushing me in the right direction. Ill have to work hard to figure out what level of Fartlek I can do. I need to do more research tomorrow because I don’t want to start at too hard cuz then I’ll never finish it, but if I do one that is too easy, I’ll not feel the benefits.

C) I was thinking if the other ones don’t work out, I’ll do some running/walking stairs. I remember doing this in college for my ‘Walking for Fitness’ Class, which we renamed to ‘Running for your life’ ha. Anyways, we did stairs (bleachers, actually) at the end of many of the workouts, and I was ALWAYS sore after those days. That must be good for butt and quad muscles, which are important for running.

So, we’ll see. Tomorrow is W10D2 for the 10k trainer, which I hope to do on my break from work. I switched my work schedule to work Saturday, too which I think I want to do my Fartlek workout on. It depends on what I can get done on Friday. If I can get myself out for a workout, then I’ll try to do W10D3. I’m trying to take it one day at a time (with some planning). Ha. Its an oxymoron.