Monthly Archives: October 2015


I was really excited for my weigh in this morning. 

Down 3.6 lbs this week 😀 I am thrilled! I could not have asked for more. I even got up early and ran before work this morning. All in all this was a really good start for me this week. 

Today at work we had a Halloween party. I dressed up as a lion tamer and Ava was my lion. She is so good with the clients it just makes me love her so much more every day I bring her with me. The main problem with today was that they had a potluck lunch with no healthy food. I limited myself by having one plate and leaving right after but I did go back and have some cheese cake later. This will have to be my splurge day and I’ll get back on track tomorrow. It is hard to do that on the weekends sometimes but as long as I’m monitoring it will be fine. I hope. 


3 days clean!

It was cookie Wednesday at work and I ate zero cookies!!  So proud of myself. It was a good day. 

Alllll except Felix did not sleep last night at all and he drove Jared and me totally crazy. I need more sleep tonight and so does Jared so I really hope he gets it together. 😞

Telling on myself. 

Today I did a good thing. I told my mom I’m trying to eat healthier and that when she visits I’d like to have something good for me instead of something like pizza. In the 12 step program we teach clients to tell on themselves if they have a craving or bad thought. I did that today! And it helped me stay motivated to run. 

Felix took a post run selfie with me. It’s fuzzy but he’s so damn cute. 

I work opposite shifts from Jared so it’s cool that he’s my little partner in crime. He’s up for most things and so I love taking him to do things with me. He’s a really good motivator to get back on track. I want to be able to chase him around the yard next summer!

I also ate well today. They had philly cheese steaks today at lunch so I just put mine on a salad. It was delicious and like half the calories. I had leftovers for dinner which were just as tasty. Interested to see what I will have to eat or overcome the temptation of tomorrow. Not worried tho because only today matters. 

Desperate for motivation. 

 I’ve been having a really hard time getting back on track.  There have been multiple tries this year but I just can’t seem to stick it out beyond 3 weeks or so. 

I’m not letting myself lose hope though. Today I’m back on track again. Today I made healthy choices. Today I used my refusal skills. Today I started running again. Today is one day clean. 

Today I took a picture of the sunset while I was running. 

Today I made a choice to show my son that exercise is good. Even if he fell asleep. 

 Today I respected myself and my health. Today I chose to get on the scale and record it. 

Today I choose to be proud of myself for making good choices instead of wallow in self pity because I’ve gained weight since having my child. Today I’m back in the game!