Monthly Archives: October 2016

Weighing in only one day late. 

Another good week. 

Three pounds down and a little more fat percentage gone. A week filled with four decent runs since the last weigh in and eating on track. Feeling good! I started the 10K program and I’m enjoying it so far for the most part. It’s just an adjustment setting 60 minutes aside for working out instead of 30. I’ll get used to it I’m sure. 



So, I’ve been running and finding successes and taking pictures to post… and I’ve done none of those things. 

Last week I lost 1.4 lbs which is completely healthy (but a slight disappointment). 

But, I am down 3% body fat since purchasing my new scale! I also finished c25k, which is exciting! Aaand I used running as a coping skill and avoided a binge, even after stopping at Taco Bell after a horrible meeting that didn’t go how I wanted. Yay again! 

Sunday I started the c25k 10K program. 

Felix enjoyed the first run in the cold (and wind)…. okay he slept about half the time. Frankly, that was exactly what I wanted him to do since he was tired but it was too early to really nap. 

Sebi turned 3 months old AND I got my first decent picture of a real smile. Yay! 

Lots of yays, no motivation to write. I’m on track and doing well, tho, so for once, a slight distance from the blog is not a bad sign. I’m still logging in almost daily to read my favorite blogs (like this one) that help me relax and regroup. All in all, it’s a good week! 

Weigh in friday

Well, in the last month, I’ve officially lost 15 lbs! What a great start to where I’m heading 😁

As it says, it’s a little over 5% which is half of my first goal! Wouldn’t it be awesome to hit that goal in another month?? Okay, realistically, I’ll probably stop losing 3ish pounds per week since I am shrinking but I’m gonna continue working hard and see where it takes me. 

I also only have two c25k workouts left, so I’m gonna start the 10K program next week. It’s funny that I was able to do the early workouts while still eating kinda crappy. I obviously worked out a little more often than expected inorder to complete it faster this time, but I still did some of the workouts in the weeks of recording choices that weren’t so good too. Ah well. Three pounds this week. I’ll take it 😉

Fun Friday 

Im completing a weigh in post on time. Woo! 

I lost just over two pounds this week and was notified I’ve been logging food for 50 days! Wow! I gained the first couple weeks of that, but I don’t want to not count it since it did help me get my head on straight. Plus, I’m learning to embrace the struggle. 

I went to the gym twice and plan to run tomorrow to get my third workout in. Fitting the gym into work time is getting more difficult but it does feel good so I’m gonna do it until I can’t. Then I’ll figure something else out. For now, I’ll take it. 

Look who is now 10 lbs 😉

Late weigh in

I was incredibly excited on weigh in day, but after I went to work I completely lost track of time. Work was awesome but I never got around to writing this post. 

Saturday I told myself I was gonna run all day and didn’t, so I DEFINITELY wasn’t gonna post, and sunday I was so mad for not running I forced myself to. It was awesome and flew by. Then we spent the day with my parents so I lost track of time. 

Long story not short enough, my weigh in was good! I couldn’t get a picture of the scale so here’s MFP. 

Down 3.2 more, for a total of over 10lbs since September 10th. Yay! 

Today is Monday, and I already went to the gym and stuck it out on the treadmill so I can feel accomplished haha. 

This is what my heart rate was for 22mins of jogging plus a 5 minute warm up and cool down. I believe I was in the wrong Zone for an easy run but I’m still working on that part. I will be more particular about it after I’m done with C25K in two weeks. That’s right, only six more workouts left. Woo!