Monthly Archives: December 2016

Two week hiatus 

I have logged in nearly every day for two weeks but just didn’t feel like writing. I missed two official weigh in posts, but I’ve still been weighing in and on the decline. Maybe I’m just not as excited because they weren’t huge losses? 

Regardless, I’m hanging in there. I’m in the 230’s and have set myself up to hit one of my 2016 New Years goals; to end the year weighing less than I did at the beginning! The number to beat is 238.4 and I’m hoping to be under that despite eating my heart out all of Christmas weekend. It would be a huge accomplishment since I got pregnant and had a baby this year lol. 

 So far I’ve already run three days this week and two of them were over four miles. I’m hoping for one more high intensity run on Thursday but family will be visiting and that always makes things tricky. 

Here I am on Christmas Day running 4 miles so I could eat dessert with no guilt! 

Here are the highlights of Christmas and felixs birthday. 

Here’s to hoping I can moderate my eating for a couple more days to end the year on top! 


Weighing in and a free weekend 

My weigh in was acceptable Friday. I lost 1.6 more lbs and had my first sub-45 minute 5k. 

Although the fat percentage doesn’t seem to me moving consistently or quickly, it is nice to see my BMI dropping. That’s something I really like about my scale. 

This weekend we had my family’s Christmas party and celebration for felixs birthday which was super chaotic but super fun. I allowed myself to eat freely so I enjoyed some sweets including pumpkin pie, buckeyes, and a gingerbread cookie. I also stuffed my face with all of the turkey dinner fixings. 

The day before we went to a cookie exchange and ordered pizza for dinner so my eating was bad all weekend. I’m gonna pay the price this week but it was nice to eat like a normal person for a couple days. Let’s face it – I really don’t know how normal people eat so mostly I ate like my family and will have to work to get back on and stay back on the wagon. So far, I was able to do that today because we came home with extra turkey which is super low calorie and no sweets. Yay! 

Look at my handsome little snow bunny. 

4 evil words

Remember my plateau? It was confirmed by a school secretary who spoke the four unforgivable words that no woman wants to hear: “When are you due?” 😳

I was devastated. I brushed it off and gave a fair answer about having a baby 4 months ago, but I weighed in this week at 243, which is lower than I was before my FIRST pregnancy. So I shouldn’t look pregnant! 

This is an updated progress pic from 2 weeks ago. I don’t look small, but if you ask me, I don’t look big enough to believe I’m pregnant. Of course, because I’ve been overweight much of my adult life, I feel like you NEVER ask a woman if she’s pregnant unless she is in labor haha. 

Before that I was feeling frustrated with the plateau. That confirmed it. Then I weighed in this week and was happy again so, I’m just gonna trust my apparently round gut and keep doing what I’m doing lol.